Podcast: Caregivers Circle

Renee and I are caregivers who run our respective businesses. We discuss the importance of caring for ourself while we care for our loved ones. 

In this podcast, I also realised I have always been familiar to caregiving as my family was living with an elderly at any given time, while I was growing up.


Episodes List

All contents and discussions are meant purely for informational and educational purposes only.

Episode 1: Introduction to Renee & Zee

Renee is an advocate of YouTube channels, and runs her own videography business. We have mutual business contacts and it was only recently that we met over breakfast that we realise how our common theme is caregiving. 

Episode 2: The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers

Self-care has taken centre stage ever since the pandemic. It is more important that while you give care to others, you need to remember to care for yourself too. How do we cope with the stress of caregiving?

Episode 3: Caregiving and Work

When you have work to be done while being the main caregiver, how you manage your daily schedule matters. Is caregiving the top priority and work evolves around it? Or do you make caregiving fit into your work schedule? How do we balance these 2 reponsibilities?

Episode 4: Financial and Emotional Toll

The emotional and financial toll which go into caregiving are usually overlooked. However, these two aspects are the most crucial in the lives of caregivers. Are you aware that there are help available for you as caregivers? We share details of some of the help we got through a particular agency.

Episode 5: Mental Health for Caregivers

Another crucial wellness of caregivers that is often neglected is mental health. When emotional and financial toll gets to us, our mental health will be greatly affected – that’s when burnout happens. 

How to take notice of yourself before a burnout? What can you do to avoid the burnout? 

There is also a campaign going on for caregivers – We See You Care, by AIC. (We are not affiliated or being paid for this mention)

Episode 6: How to Build a Strong Support System

Who can a caregiver rely on? Not every caregiver has family members available as their support system. So where can they turn to?

We hope we can build a community of caregivers who can support and look out for one another.

Episode 7: Taking a Break from Caregiving Without Guilt

There was a time when nursing homes do not have a good image. But now, it’s just as good as a hospital setting; with more staff that are specialised.

There are now available resources for caregivers to take a break from caregiving.

Have you heard of Respite Care?

Episode 8: Finding Joy in Caregiving

While it may be a filial obligation, caregiving should not be seen as a burden. It may not be easy, but it doesn’t mean there is no joy in it either.

Episode 9: End-Of-Life Care

(Release Date: 28 Jul 2023)
Death is often an avoided topic. It is a difficult and emotional subject to even think about. However, it is necessary to talk about death and make some hard decisions now, rather than later when it gets harder.

Episode 10: Grieving

(Release Date: 4 Aug 2023)
Grief is never linear. Some people take longer to overcome grief. When is grief too much to bear? What can you do when no one else seem to understand your grief?