4 Quick Steps To Disable Comments In WordPress

If you are in a panic at the sudden influx of undesirable comments appearing in your blog, you will want to disable comments in WordPress quickly. 

Here are the 4 quick steps to disable comments in WordPress.

Step 1

In All Posts, click on “Screen Options” (Top right of the screen) and change “Number of items per page” to the max number of your posts.

Changing number of items per page in WordPress Screen Options

If you only have a maximum number of 30 posts, enter 30. This is so that you can have all posts listed on 1 page. It will make the next step to disable comments in WordPress much easy. 

Step 2

Check on the “Checkbox” in the header.

This will then select all of the posts you have. If you haven’t done Step 1, and you have more than 1-page listing in the Posts page, this will not select all of your posts

Step 3

Choose “Edit” on the Bulk Action dropdown menu, and click “Apply”.

You will see the screen of Step 4 appearing at the top of your Post listing.

Step 4

Choose “Do Not Allow” on Comments dropdown menu, and click “Update”.

If you have more than 30 posts, this will take some time to process. Once the update has been done, you will see “All posts updated!”.

For Future Posts

Go into Settings and then Discussions.

Make sure the box is unchecked for “Allow people to submit comments on new posts”.

Once you have the steps above done for your blog, you should not be having any more unnecessary comments appearing on your blog. However, if there should still be comments appearing on your blog posts, you should request the assistance from your web host server.

I use DreamHost (this is my affiliate link that will help me earn a commission but it won’t cost you anything extra) as my web host and they have the best support I’ve needed always.


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